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Let’s just clear up one thing first: we’re not just another couple of regular food photographers.  Whilst we love professionally shot food photography and can spend hours admiring these incredible images which look more like works of art than food, that is not what we’re about. Our goal is to help you create the perfect Instagram image, which is not simply a beautiful photo but something that makes the person looking at the image drool and wish that the food they’re looking at on their screen would magically appear in front of them because they have to eat it there and then. It should be bright, vibrant and make the viewer feel something. A great instagram account should look like an album of snaps that you have taken on your phone. It should look lived in and casual, and not staged or forced.

This is where we can help you. Staging Instagram content is very very different to food photography - we will spend time with you, getting to know your values and goals for your business. We want to be be able to properly represent your voice on social media, and not look and sound like every other business’ Instagram account out there.

A good Instagram account is many things - it is a shop window for your business, a view into your world, and it offers you the opportunity to engage with your existing clients and attract new ones.

Our bread and butter (could there be a more appropriate saying?!) is running your Instagram and other social media accounts for you. This involves creating content by visiting you, taking photos while we’re there, and learning what kind of personality you want to put across to your audience. We will work with you to promote any new menus, special offers you are running, etc. We will also reply to comments and messages and engage with other accounts. You will be able to focus on all other aspects of your business, knowing that your social media is in safe hands.

It can be hard to frequently come up with fun, original, drool-worthy content for your Instagram AND run your business at the same time, which is where we can help take some pressure off you. We can spend time in your business creating tempting, appetising, lifestyle images. We will then deliver to you a selection of images which are edited and cropped for optimum Instagram usage. All you need to do is then post these as and when you wish, and come up with a caption and the hashtags.

Do you feel like you need to up your Instagram game, but can’t quite pinpoint exactly what you’re doing wrong? Why not let us lend you our experience? We will analyse your Social Media for you -  Is it your brand image, your photos, your online voice… it could be one or several of many things. We will produce a full report on your account, we will then spend the day with you going over where any problems might be. Then we will give you an instagram masterclass, talking you through photography, editing and then best practice for posting.

We have both been running successful blogs and Instagram accounts now for years and we understand what value the right influencer can offer your business. We can help you arrange influencer outreach, organise blogger events and pair you up with the right brand ambassadors. We will use our extensive network of influencers and bloggers throughout the city to ensure that you are connecting with the right people who can spread the word about your business to their audience.


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