• Pam

Shooting the Perfect Pancake Stack

We don’t know about you guys but we are BIG fans of events/ holidays that bring special food into our lives - mini eggs at Easter, pecan pie at Thanksgiving, turkey on Christmas Day, heck we even celebrate National Nutella Day. But nothing brings us more joy than Pancake Day!

Pam especially comes from a family where frankly the art of making the perfect pancake is taken way too seriously.

So with Pancake Day tomorrow we wanted to share with you a few of our favourite tips for snapping the perfect pancake stack.

There are a few things you need to be thinking about if you want to make that super ‘grammable stack at home. First off we highly recommend using big fluffy American style pancakes, not only do they create that all important height for the dish, but they also in our opinion taste the best. Crepes can be delicious but they just don’t cut it when you want to create a stack.

When it comes to toppings the world is your oyster, and what you decide to go for is really important for food photography. Although maple syrup with pancakes is a classic combo, in a picture it can look a little flat. When deciding on your toppings you should be thinking not only about taste but about colour and texture. Think drippy fruit compote and drizzles of glossy caramels, with lush scoops of mascarpone or a splodge of clotted cream to add a luxurious feel to your image. To add texture and interest to your dish good options are slithers and slices of fruit, nuts and granola, or a biscuit crumb.

Once you have constructed your stack next you need to think about how you are going to shoot it.  You always always want to shoot straight on and never from above. As you can see from these two pictures of the same dish we recently shot for on of our clients - the over head picture looks so uninteresting and flat, whereas the side on image offers you a much more interesting and detailed image.

If you want to give a pouring shot a try it’s important you do a few test shots before you start the pour to make sure that you are happy with your setup, do you like the backdrop? Is the lighting good? These are all important things to think about - after all you only get one shot at the first pour.

Again for a best effect shoot side on.

We hope you found this helpful when thinking about that all important #pancakeday shot for Instagram.


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