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Coffee addict. Crazy cat lady. Could fit into most pockets. Needs hanger management. Legally Blonde reciter. Professional napper. Experienced ASOS shopper. Floordrobe inventor.


Rule #1 if you want to be my friend: Don’t you dare start eating your food until I’ve snapped it.

Rule #2 if you want to stay my friend: Always let me have a bite of your food.



Amateur wine drinker. Animal Crossing Addict. Cookie monster. Spice Girls wannabe. Happiest with a camera. MasterChef Australia fanatic. Baker extraordinaire. Doggo Mama. Yoda impersonator.


Life Motto - If I didn’t

take a photograph

did I even eat it?


Ours is a friendship firmly rooted in the love of food, local restaurants and a shared passion for producing #foodporn images for our Instagram accounts.


Like so many of our relationships in life now, ours bloomed via Instagram. We were coy at first - a little like here, or a ‘lovely shot’ comment there. Then before we knew it, we were sending each other direct messages regularly and having some banter  about the good food we were eating in the city. This morphed into a ‘should we go for coffee’ chat, which naturally for food lovers became a three-hour brunch… and then before you know it we are talking every day, and planning dinners and then playing around with the idea of being in business together. And here we are now.


This is a story of a friendship, but we understand that this is also the story of so many businesses and their clients. Instagram is a vital tool for helping to strengthen relationships with existing customers and establishing new connections with potential customers.


And by working with us to create gorgeous, evocative food images we will help you not only remind your existing clients to visit again and again, but we will also showcase your food in such a way that it draws in those new followers and potential clients - and who knows after a little foodie foreplay on Instagram, maybe they will be coming into see you for a coffee and a new friendship will blossom too.