As a full service Social Media Management company we live and breathe social media and are driven by the passion and commitment that our clients have for their businesses.

The Gram Social team consists of Pam Gilmour who has had been photographing everything that doesn't move (and some that do) now for over 10 years, and has had a solid Instagram addiction for the last 7 years. 

Evalyn Sullivan is one of life's creative perfectionists. She has had a camera in her hand pretty much since birth and is always up to date with all the latest social media and food trends.

Running a small businesse's social media strategy is a full time job. As a team there is nothing we don't know and understand about social media and the Glasgow food scene.


Pam Gilmour.


Professional wine drinker. Urban Jungle grower. Cookie monster. Baby Yoda obsessed. Happiest with a camera. MasterChef Australia fanatic. Baker extraordinaire. Doggo Mama. Yoda impersonator.

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Evalyn Sullivan.


Coffee addict. Crazy cat lady. Could fit into most pockets. Needs hanger management. Legally Blonde reciter. Professional napper. Experienced ASOS shopper. Floordrobe inventor.